Fantasizing about my cheating wife

I had this fantasy about my wife the other night.


Her – getting ready for a date “on the side”. Taking extra care, longer than usual, in getting prepared for her date.  A long shower, making sure she is smooth for him. Putting on her most expensive perfume.  Attentively putting on her sexiest makeup and eyeliner.  Lip gloss on her full lips.

Selecting some underwear, than replacing them with black lacy panties – because they make her feel sexier and because there is a chance she is going to have to take them off for him.

Delicately pulling up her stockings over pedicured feet.  Choosing those sexy killer black open toed heels that always get me hard. This time they’d be getting him hard.

Walking out the front door feeling a tingly feeling in her pussy as she anticipates the prospect of fucking him later.


Me – at home, wondering if she will return all sticky, slippery and dripping.


3 thoughts on “Fantasizing about my cheating wife

  1. We feel the same way….

  2. 21stcenturyb0y

    Reblogged this on B0Y . LU5T.

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